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Combining the OPEN and the CLOSE models (the "COMBI" strategy)

For less volatile but still aggressive growth with Nasdaq index investments































One way to smoothen the variations and drawdowns that over time do occur in both the OPEN and the CLOSE models, may be to operate the two models in parallel.  This approach could contribute to a less volatile equity line and is referred to as the "COMBI" strategy. 

The trading pattern of the OPEN and the CLOSE models are sufficiently different to potentially show diverting opinions from time to time.  Smaller, annoying as well as more severe fluctuations in one of the models can sometimes be "filled in" by opposite positions in the other model. 

In order to apply the COMBI strategy both the OPEN and the CLOSE models must be available.  

How to trade the COMBI

Rydex Account - Dynamic Funds

Alternative a): Two separate Rydex accounts: Use one account for each of the systems.

Alternatve b):  One Rydex account: Every time a signal is issued for the OPEN or the CLOSE system, trade 50% of the balance with the current signal.  


Apply the same rules as for a Rydex account, i.e. two separate broker accounts or split a proportion of one account 50/50 between the OPEN and the CLOSE signals.


Independent verification of our track record


1 year with COMBI on long/short QQQQ (no leverage):

Click graph for equity curve since inception

1 yr graph




1 year with COMBI on Rydex NASDAQ-100 2x / Inverse NASDAQ-100 2x funds

Click graph for equity curve since inception (NB: The linear y-axis causes visual unjust)

1 yr graph



COMBI trading with QQQQ and Rydex NASDAQ-100 2x funds

For back tested performance at a glance for COMBI (compared to the other models), go here >>> (QQQQ) and here >>> (Rydex OTC).




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