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Our work on short term timing systems was originally targeted for trading with opening prices on the Nasdaq-100 index traded in  QQQQ.  This strategy still makes up a key fundament in the aggressive strategies. 

For mutual funds these OPEN signals can be applied to Rydex  funds which are priced at 10:45 AM. 

The results below reflect actual, non-synthetic trades as they have been published since mid-2003.  In April 2005 we finalised work on an additional sub-module in the model which seems to have resulted in improved and more consistent results from that point onwards.  


Theoretical long term results with the March 2005 upgrades in force are shown graphically further down on the page > > >

June 2009:

After a long period of Rydex models development, in particlar the flagship OPEN model now seems to have arrived at a useful level of predictability. It had a great start of 2008, but was then hampered by some "stubbornness" parameter settings during the highly volatile rest of the year. These issues have been worked on and dealt with and we believe that in its present condition, the OPEN model should avoid such excessive setbacks as has been experienced during some periods in the past. High volatility will remain, though, in particular with the 2x geared funds.


Subscribers receive unambiguous trade signals by e-mail, normally  published 2-5 hours before the US markets open.   In certain circumstances the trade decision is made just after market opening. After the order is placed with your broker, there is never a need for follow-up or intervention during market hours. The systems is therefore well-suited for individuals who are occupied with work or other activity which does not allow regular interaction with stock market developments throughout the day. 

Trading times 

The OPEN model trades index QQQQ at market open and Rydex  funds at the 10:45 a.m. pricing (orders must be placed before 10:30 a.m.).



Independent verification of our track record


1 year with OPEN on long/short QQQQ (no leverage):

Click graph for equity curve since inception

1 yr graph



1 year with OPEN on Rydex NASDAQ-100 2x funds (2:1 Geared) traded at 10:45 AM

Click graph for equity curve since inception (NB: The linear y-axis causes visual unjust)

1 yr graph


Performance and actual trades history for the OPEN model  here >>>


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OPEN trading with Rydex funds

The OPEN signals are tuned for trades at market open. Thus when used with Rydex 2x funds priced at 10:30 AM, the resulting profile (equity curve) will have a different shape than with similar ETFs traded at the open. 

Back tested outcome of our short term signals with Rydex 2x funds (July 2003-August 2006) is illustrated in graphs retrieved via these links:

OTC 2x

S&P 500 2x






Long term performance



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